Sneak Peak Preview! The Town of Alpaca

26101What does a town do when it’s largest manufacturing company, the biggest business in town, goes under? “The Town of Alpaca” was once a vibrant, bustling town, but ever since that llama came to town and bought the company, it hasn’t been the same. He didn’t manage it well and now the alpacas are out of jobs, their once beautiful town has become a poor, rundown, dismal place to live, and the Alpackaging Company is on the market to be sold, but no one is looking to buy it. The situation seems hopeless for the alpacas. In addition, they now hate llamas….. ALL llamas, so you can imagine how Albert Alpaca felt when a strange couple showed up at his little “Albert and Ellie’s Inn and Suites” looking for a room. Llamas!! What will he do? The story of “The Town of Alpaca” shows how heartwarming it is when hatred turns into friendship, misunderstandings into trust, and working together works!


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