Bloomin’ Thought for the Day: Mum’s the Word

I should have waited until these mums were fully abloom to take my picture because they are beautiful now, but at the time, I guess you could have called them half-mums. I think my family would have been thrilled if I was half-mum sometimes.

Mum was the word, at least in my childhood home it was. “Little children are to be seen and not heard” was the mantra in my house, usually when I tried to insert my own thoughts into an adult conversation. I get it, now. It can be annoying when a youngster insinuates himself or herself into an adult discussion.

The next one is a gem. “SPS”. That, my friends, stood for “self-praise stinks”. Yeah. To be fair, humbleness is not a bad lesson to be taught. In fact, it should be taught, but less harsh means of imparting this value can be found. I know they meant well.

I think many of us have felt silenced as a child, even as an adult. How does feeling silenced affect us? Low self-esteem? Fearful to speak up for ourselves or others? Low guilt threshold? Afraid to try things? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Sometimes we set our sights too high, bite off more than we can chew, or think we’re not good enough at something to try it. When that happens to me, I try to remember a little lesson that I learned during my faith journey: God does not call the empowered, He empowers the called. You may have heard from family or others that you aren’t good enough, but God doesn’t think so.

You may remember that He sent Moses, who stuttered, to free the Israelites from Pharaoh’s rule with his brother Aaron as his spokesperson. Moses tried arguing with God, saying he wasn’t good enough, but God said “Nope. You got this, Moses. You’re The Man.” He sent a young, terrified boy, David, armed with just a sling and a stone, to save the Israelites from the terror of the Philistine giant, Goliath. That’s huge.

We are no different from Moses or David. God had confidence in them even though they couldn’t find it within themselves. He gave them the tools they needed to fulfill their callings. If He helped Moses and David, why would we think He wouldn’t help us? If, at some point, you feel that tug on your heart that is God’s voice calling you to His service, don’t think about past insecurities, just answer the call. God will empower you with the tools you need to do His will. If He leads you to it, He will lead you through it. You got this.

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