Going Up Against a Behemoth

Well, if people don’t see any posts from me anymore, it’s because I will have been banned from Facebook. Below is the reason why. I may be considered horrible by some for asking that Facebook be investigated for soliciting charitable donations, but please read my complaint carefully, because it concerns anyone who has ever made a donation on Facebook, and I have made several. If they are guilty of what I suspect, their practice should be stopped. Please continue to support charities on their own sites or by a check through the mail. They all need us. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something. If this practice is legit, then please continue to support charities here.

Sent to the Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Two days ago was called “Giving Tuesday” on Facebook. I’m not sure if it was just a Facebook “thing” or it had a broader reach. In any case, I chose St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, my favorite charity, as my target for donations. A friend inadvertently donated twice, for $10 each. She let me know and asked if I could get her a refund for $10. She is a widowed senior citizen on a very fixed income. I called St. Jude’s and was told they were unaware of this donation campaign. They told me that the money does not go directly to them, but to Facebook, who then forwards the money to them. Facebook offers these campaigns to people having birthdays as a charitable service and the person gets to choose his or her favorite charity. This year they added “Giving Tuesday”, where they offered a whole list of charities from which to choose or you could even create your own. On the surface, this looks like an excellent way to funnel money to charities, money that may not have been given otherwise, because it was so easy to do. However, I believe this borders on, or actually is, a fraudulent practice on the part of Facebook. Nowhere does it say that the money doesn’t go directly to donors’ charity, but to Facebook. I don’t know how long they hang onto these funds before they actually present them to the charities, but I strongly doubt they present the individual charities with the interest accrued. Also, on my PayPal Statement, my $25 donation comes through as this: “
Seller info Facebook Payments Inc https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/1998316600435522 Invoice ID P2610505629066138 Purchase details StJudeChildren$25.00 Total$25.00 “
It makes no mention of a donation but appears as a “sale” of something, as Facebook is designated as the “Seller”. It does not appear that individuals would be successful in defending this as a donation in the event they would be audited. Facebook, on the other hand, can take all of the money that well-meaning people have sent to them, send it to the charities, and claim a nice, big, fat tax deduction for charitable donations. How much money does Facebook stand to make on their taxes and on interest on the backs of it’s members? And how do we know they actually send all of it, or any of it, to the charities we designate? Facebook needs to be investigated for this practice and appropriate punishments dealt as needed.

Which of the following were used in this incident? (Check all that apply.)☐ Spoofed Email☐ Similar Domain☐ Email Intrusion

☑ Other Please specify: fraudulent practice

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