About “The Prettiest House on the Block”

Photo by Josie Stephens on Pexels.com

A memoir of the scourge of domestic violence, this is one woman’s story. The subject is a blight on society worldwide and it’s eradication does not seem to be on the horizon anytime soon, unfortunately.

My book is not only a true story of a woman’s painful journey but a trip through the psyches of victims and abusers. I included information on how to identify aberrant behavior and the genetic and environmental factors that merge to cause it. There is information on the various medical problems that are noted in the book for both the survivor and her abuser, all of which contributed to the couple’s dysfunctional marriage. Toxic love, childhood abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and infidelity combine to create a gripping reading experience. The education, encouragement and help it provides offer hope that a person can transition from victim to survivor. It was released in September 2020 by Blue Heron Book Works in Allentown, Pennsylvania and is available on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com, walmart.com, other online retailers, and through me.