About “The Town of Alpaca”

This award-winning book will teach your child good values and they won’t even know they are learning. A pair of alpacas and a pair of llamas are confronted with predjudice and have to learn how to interact with each other. In the past, a big llama had come to the Town of Alpaca, bought their largest and most successful business, The Alpackaging Company, and did not take good care of it. The company had to close, the llama left town, and the alpacas were devastated. They were left with no jobs, no money, and no hope. The town fell into disrepair and the alpacas did not know what to do. One day, Albert and Ellie Alpaca were cleaning their little hotel, just in case they would get guests, when they heard someone come in the front door. Llamas! All the alpacas in town hated llamas since the bad one ruined their town. What would Albert do?

This book will teach children that even though people are different, they can still be the same in some ways, and it is all good. They will be taught not to discriminate against people just because someone isn’t like them or because someone else in their group may have done bad things. It also has a chart comparing llamas and alpacas and a glossary of some of the more difficult words and how to use them. It suggests questions that will make children think, and it will encourage child/parent interaction. Diversity, understanding, friendship, acceptance, overcoming adversity, and working together towards a common goal are all things that make this book a great character building tool for children. What’s not to like? Suitable for early elementary grades.