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Are You Proud To Be An American?

I’m news-saturated, sadness-saturated, and hopelessness-saturated for our beautiful country. I had adopted a new mantra for my Facebook posts: family, flowers, and furry dogs. That’s mostly all I have been posting about, and I’ve been happier not thinking about what’s going on in our country and the world, but is that what we should do, really, just sit back and let the chips fall where they may? I don’t think so. So here I go, sticking my neck out…..again…..saying what I think, and inviting a firestorm of angry responses, but I’m tired of not being able to exert MY first Amendment rights because it might collide with others. We ALL have a right to our opinions and to express how we feel about politics, religion, or whatever we wish. Our beautiful flag guarantees that, at least for now.

When did all this hatred for America start? I don’t know, but one incident sticks out in my mind as the springboard, or at the very least, validation, for negative feelings. Before the 2008 Wisconsin primary elections, Michelle Obama stated that “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” What? A Princeton-educated, successful, prominent black woman who has overcome the obstacle of her race saying she has never been proud of her country? Why, because she was not given the opportunity for advancement? Certainly not that. Because Barack was ahead in the primaries and was about to be our first black president? Probably. That one declaration of hers bothered me then and bothers me to this day. We should be proud of America, warts and all, because it is still the finest country in the world in which to live. Warts can be removed, and ARE being removed, but change takes time.

I have been learning a lot about why the African American population so despises the Confederacy and everything it stands for, and why they want monuments removed that celebrate those who acted against them. Everyone should learn about that. The more I read, the more enlightened, and horrified, I become, but look how far our country has come in terms of righting those wrongs? Seriously, consider that. It’s still not perfect, by far, but look how far we have come.

Has anyone had a rebellious child? What makes you angrier at them: more rebellion? Do you want to give in to them the more they act out, or do you want to pull back even more on the reins? Does it make you like them more or make you want to stop them more? Has anyone stopped to think that maybe that’s what is happening today? If militant protestors with their overwhelming demands for immediate change think they are improving race relations, they aren’t. They are making race relations worse. We absolutely should not be cow-towing to unreasonable demands for immediacy of change.

Educate us: yes. Request that monuments be removed: OK. Police reform: definitely, but not defunding. We still need the police. How about teaching our children not to put themselves in a position where police officers must make split second decisions while handling volatile situations, too? Oh, I know, and understand, that profiling is, unfortunately, still occurring, and that must stop. I also understand that African Americans are sometimes treated poorly without cause, and that is wrong, and must stop. But maybe we can work together on this. We need to teach the police to stop profiling and treating people of color roughly, and parents (of ALL races), need to teach their children respect for authority and right from wrong. Keep them off the streets and away from gangs. Teach them it’s wrong to steal and to kill. Have them get involved in church, or in volunteering to help others. This sounds very simplistic, and I know it isn’t. There are innumerable factors that affect accomplishing these goals, but isn’t it worth a try?

We must stop this violence in America. Some of these demonstrators are not even African Americans and/or have forgotten what they are representing; they just want an excuse to riot, destroy and loot. George who? Some are paid protestors like paid mourners at a funeral, waiting for a death to get a paycheck. GET THEM OFF THE STREETS and let’s go about the business of REAL reconciliation with each other. These people have hijacked the BLM movement and diluted its importance. They are no longer relevant, just thorns in everyone’s sides.

Look at the good things our politicians are doing for our country and not just the bad. Stop the hate and work together for the common good. (Huh, that sounds exactly like the theme of one of my children’s books, “The Town of Alpaca”. This was not a planned promo for my book, it just fit the conversation.)  Our economy was going strong until the pandemic. Contrary to what people think, President Trump is not the reason for the condition of our country regarding COVID 19.  Sure, you hear about how he could have done better, from the other side, and some dislike his lack of attention to face masks, me included, but I’m not convinced anyone could do any better. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike his arrogance and narcissistic personality, but, unfortunately, this is what you will get with Joe Biden, too. They both have personality issues and skeletons in their closets.  If you don’t believe this, open your eyes.

I would not want to be a lawmaker in these times, either the president or governor of states, trying to keep the tenuous balance between keeping our people safe and saving our economy. As a medical person, I lean toward the cautionary approach and will always endorse masks and social distancing, but as a citizen, I understand the concern about keeping the economy open. It’s a catch 22 situation, and no matter what decision any lawmaker makes, it will be wrong in some eyes, most probably along party lines, since that’s all our people know how to do, anymore, it seems.  I’m not sure that any president, regardless of his or her party, would ever know for sure what is right to do unless they had a crystal ball. Hindsight is 20/20.

I do know one thing: I don’t want socialism in our free and strong country, and I will vote against anyone who represents that, regardless of party or how much I may or may not like them as a person. Whether you want to believe this or not, it is the truth: socialism is the next step toward communism, and it’s coming to America. Think about it for a while.

Give our lawmakers and our country a break and stop your darn protesting about everything in the world. I don’t think it is helping; it’s just further dividing our states and our country. To sum it up, suck it up, everyone who hates America. She is strong. Don’t weaken her with constant irritations and militant behavior. Give her a chance to grow again, but with baby steps. The White House does not have a societal microwave oven that can provide instant food for your every want and need. Sit tight and let our elected officials do their jobs. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Let’s keep her the land of the free and the home of the brave.